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S M I L E 0 Y E N ;

This is livejournal's only active community for the Japanese oshare kei band しゃるろっと [Charlotte]. This userinfo is currently under construction because of busy life, but it will be updated with more information as soon as possible. :)

C H A R L O T T E ;

Info about the band, its history and members, will be put here as soon as possible!

R U L E S ;

01. All kinds of information and media are always very welcome. News, icons, wallpapers, other graphics, even music and videos as long as you keep these kinds of posts members locked. But please, remember to support Charlotte. Buy their CDs, DVDs and the like. We want them to stick around, don't we?

02. The only thing I would rather not see in this community are fanfics. This is due to my personal opinion regarding fanfics that have real life characters in them; I find them disrespective. I am not trying to be unfair nor am I trying to insult fanfic writers -- go ahead and write them as much as you please, as long as you post them to communities who exist solely for the purpose of posting and reading fanfictions (like jrockyaoi et cetera, I believe it won't be hard to find such communities). Feel free to contact me if you find this rule insulting or unfair or anything like that.

03. No useless advertising or 235098 requesting posts. Surely you can advertise a community if you want to, but make sure you put pictures larger than 300x300px under an lj-cut and the community or journal has to have something to do with Charlotte, oshare kei or even jrock in general. And please, do try to share something with your advertisement posts, even your favourite picture or anything of the like would be nice.

04. Be courteous. No bashing anyone. Feel free to express your opinion but if you're here to bash Charlotte or their fans, please leave the community.

E N T R I E S ;

The posts can be either members only or public, it's your choice as long as posts containing audio and/or video remain members only.

Also, remember to check out the memories for the strictly Charlotte-related posts (graphics, media, info et cetera) and the tags for all the posts here, including introductions and all that good stuff!

You can also make an introduction post if you want to. You can either write a free-form introduction as long as it's somehow related to Charlotte or you can use the following code for your post. Just copy&paste, fill in (the ones you want to reveal to us) and post! Though again, sharing something small with the introduction would be nice, so as to not to fill the community with only introductions.

L I N K S ;

Coming soon.

A F F I L I A T E S ;


C O N T A C T ;

If you have any questions, comments, links or if you want to affiliate, contact me or comment any posts I've made for this community.

// karmik